Celebrity Visit of Barton Library

There was a lot of chaos in the Barton Library since morning on last Sunday means date 27 June. Shri Urvishbhai Kothari, Ms. Kinnariben and Shri Amitbhai and Shri Deepakbhai Solia from Gandhi Ashram,
Ahmedabad visited Barton Library.

And three newly appointed corporators of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation Shri Bhaveshbhai Modi, Shri Rajubhai Rabdia and Ms Ushaben Badheka were present for the first time in the meeting of the Executive

Mr. Urvishbhai and all three other guests praised all 11 continents of the library, its construction, air light arrangement, rounded dadar, Tikwood's wonderful craftsmanship closets for books, book arrangement and
cleanliness, deep of books and handicrafts over 100 years Was observed and this 150 years old and free of the decorative library of Bhavnagar city appreciated me tremendously.
We all felt as much as a mother gets to hear the praise of her child.
The 2 things he did touched me a lot;

  • When they were looking for a rickshaw to come to Barton, someone asked the address of Barton, the answer was ′′ Barton does not have an address,
    Barton himself is an address so in front of him, behind him, in his line. So Barton is a milestone.
  • It's very hard and hard to restore an organization to a new destination when it's being destroyed and you all (we) have done it is a big achievement.
    Feeling very thankful to all the trustees and staff of Barton Library for encouraging us and taking note of our hard work.
The three newly appointed corporators got all the information from the executive meeting and made useful suggestions and expressed commitment that their contribution will be received at all levels.
We are all grateful to all these corporators.
At this point, as the Honorable Minister of Barton Library, I feel like sharing some things.

  • All trustees put their personal interests, Gama-Angma in Corona, prioritize the interests of the library.
  • office bearers do not hide anything from the rest of the trustees. All things are quite transparent.
  • Barton has no small or big yet everyone respects each other sufficiently and respects each other except for their position, age, organizing chairs.
  • Every trustee and employee's opinion, suggestions are given enough existence.
  • This team is "Barton Library"