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History of Barton Library

The history of the establishment of the Barton Library is associated with the Chhagan Prasad Desai Library. It was the first initiation towards the establishment of an institute in the Kathiawad region.

To satisfy the hunger of reading of Bhavnagar, late diwan Gaurishankar Oza established “Shri Chhaganbhai Desai Library” in C.E. 1860. This library was a small drop to later create the ripples of “Barton Library”.

  • How old exactly is Barton Library?

The answer is 150 years. 30th december, 1882 is said to be its date of establishment. On 30th december, 1882 it was inaugurated by King Takhtsinhji Gohil and he named the library after english political agent of then Bhavnagar princely state, Colonel L. C. Barton. This organisation is closely linked with Chhagan Prasad library and has a special designation in the map of Gujarat’s great culture. Academicians, researchers and intellectuals think of this organization as the treasure of information. ...Read More

Why Barton is Saurashtra's no 1 library

The Barton Library was established towards the end of the 19th century and stands in the heartland of Bhavnagar as a center of cultural and historical significance.


The repository is one of the oldest libraries of the city, which has earned a great reputation in the state.

Low Subscription Fee

Members are required to pay a negligible amount to join the library.

All kind of books

Barton library has more than 88,000 books in various languages including Gujarati, English and Marathi. Apart from this collection, there are over 100 rare books dating back to 100 years.

Speciality of Barton Library

Speciality of barton library is having all types of books for various fields which satisfies the demand of all age people. It contains books for elders, younger and also for children.

Beauty of library - Huge collection of hand written books

The beauty of library is it contains lots of handwritten books collection.

These books are only available in barton library and to read them you must need to visit the library.

Hand Written Book

Library contains novels of famous authors

Library has good collection of famous novels.

In barton library you may get lots of famous novels such as 'Gujarat No Naath' written by 'Kanaiyalal Munshi', 'Madhya Bindu' written by 'Kajal Oza Vaidhya' etc.


Holy books like Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta, Mahabharat, Bibal, Quran, etc

Library also contains holy books like Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta, Quran, Bible, Ramayan, Mahabharat.

Library also have collection of four veds which are written in sanskrit.

Holy Books

Children's Choice

Children always like comic books.

Barton library contains good collection of comic books which attracts children.


Lots of story books

Story books increase the knowledge of children and their power of thinking.

Barton contains lots of famous story books like akbar-birbal, panchtantra, vikram-vetal etc.

Story Books

Events organized by Barton Library

Drawing Competition

Drawing Compitition

To attract children for library, drawing competition is held by barton library in which 141 competitors have participated from std. 5 to 10 and students above std. 11.

  • In this competition three topics were given 'Heritage Barton', 'Beauty of Bhavnagar', 'Awareness of Water'.
  • In this event 141 students of different schools have participated enthusiastically. Paper, Pencil, Eraser, and one packet of biscuit is given to each student from organization.
  • To make this event successful Dr. Ashokbhai Patel, Mr. Ramesh Gohel, Mr. Jayeshbhai Jadav, Mr. Bharatbhai Shiyal, Mrs. Namrataben Parikh, Mr. Kaushalbhai Gohel had taken the responsibility.

President of Barton Library Mr. Laxmanbhai Radheshwar, Secretory Kaushikbhai Bhatt and all staff had completed successful management.

Price Distribution

prize distribution ceremony of competitors

Price distribution ceremony held by barton library for "Essay and Drawing Competition" at "Shishu Vihar".

  • In this ceremony people also discussed on topic "Kitabe Kuchh Kahena Chahti He".
  • Mayor Mr.Manharbhai Mori, Mr.Laxmanbhai Radheshwar, Mr.Kaushikbhai Bhatt, Mr. Nalinbhai Bhatt, Mr. Vikrambhai Bhatt, Mrs. Anjaniben Oza were present as chief guest.
  • In this ceremony both drawing and essay competition winners were rewarded with price and certificate.

In this event Mr. Rameshbhai Gohil, Dr. Ashok Patel, Prof. Dr. Mahendrasinh Parmar and Mrs. Parulben Maheta were judge.

Kavi Sammelan

Kavi Sammelan

A special 'Yuva Kavi Sammelan' was initiated by Barton Library, Bhavnagar. Which was hosted by Hunnar, Ahmedabad.

  • Mr. Vipul Acharya hosted the event that has become a regular feature.
  • The event was moderated by Mrs. Harshaben Dave.
  • Poet Mr. Himal Pandya said 'Jai Jai Ne Kya Jasho'.
  • Poet Dr. Firdaus Dekhaiya, gave the rendition of another ghazal, 'Hu Chhu Sawal Sahelo '.
  • Mr. Vijay Rajyaguru and Mr. Vinod Joshi remain present as a guest.

To conclude the poetry session, Mr. Rahul Thakkar given a vote of thanks.

Celebrity Visit

Celebrity Visit

There was a lot of chaos in the Barton Library since morning on last Sunday means date 27 June. Shri Urvishbhai Kothari, Ms. Kinnariben and Shri Amitbhai and Shri Deepakbhai Solia from Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad visited Barton Library.

  • And three newly appointed corporators of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation Shri Bhaveshbhai Modi, Shri Rajubhai Rabdia and Ms Ushaben Badheka were present for the first time in the meeting of the Executive Committee.
  • Mr. Urvishbhai and all three other guests praised all 11 continents of the library, its construction, air light arrangement, rounded dadar, Tikwood's wonderful craftsmanship closets for books, book arrangement and cleanliness, deep of books and handicrafts over 100 years Was observed and this 150 years old and free of the decorative library of Bhavnagar city appreciated me tremendously. We all felt as much as a mother gets to hear the praise of her child. The 2 things he did touched me a lot; ...Read More

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Trust Panel

"Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Mr. Laxmanbhai

Mr. Laxmandas V. Radheshwar

Industrialist and Political Leader
Mr. Kaushikbhai Bhatt

Mr. Kaushikbhai R. Bhatt

Retd. Deputy Collector
Mr. Hirenbhai Zala

Mr. Hirenbhai N. Jhala

Retd. Associate Manager Excel Crop Care Ltd.

Mr. Rajalbhai Oza

Mr. Rajalbhai R. Oza

L.I.C Officer
Co - Treasurer
Mr. Jayeshbhai Dave

Mr. Jayeshbhai J. Dave

Mr. Jayeshbhai Dave

Mr. Upendrabhai L. Joshi


"Government Official Trustees"

Resident Additional Collector


Deputy Collector and S.D.M


Discrict Planning Officer


"Three municipal councillors from Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation"

Ms. Bhuvneshvarikumari

Ms. Bhuvneshvarikumari

Princess of Bhavnagar State and renouned Scholar of Heritage properties.

In the busy Bhavnagar market surrounded by shops chaos is Barton library. A historic structure, which was donated by the Maharaja of Bhavnagar to encourage reading thus creating a more aware and forward thinking State. Today, this heritage structure, welcomes you with warm polite staff and a cornucopia of books. The tall ceilings and naturally ventilated rooms make this a perfect place to leave all your worries and immerse yourself in reading. Barton library is an architectural marvel where books expand from historically rare, newspapers, archives and even present day best sellers. While there is lots that can be done to improve the structure and digitise the library I can’t think of a better place to read and research in the heart of a bustling city !

Mrs. Pushplata

Mrs. Pushplata


Assistant Collector, Bhavnagar

Barton library is a prized possession of bhavnagar district. It provides a wide number of options to avid readers in hindi, English and gujarati language. Along with a good number of book collection library provides positive atmosphere to read these. Inspite of being an old infrastructure, library is well lit space and well managed. It provides immense pleasure to visit library during some spare moments from my busy schedule. I wish all the best to trustees and management committee to run this institution in similar manner and to take this legacy ahead.

Dr. Kirit R Bhatt

Dr. Kirit R Bhatt

Retd. Head of Hindi Department

Shamaldas College, Bhavnagar

I , now at the age of 76, can happily say with greatfulness that Barton Library played a pivotal role to make my life beautiful, successful and joyful. It shape my life right from my childhood to till date. It's a 'GOLDEN TREASURE' in real sense.

Barton Library

Dr. Firdaus Dekhaiya

Associate Professor

Government Medical College, Bhavnagar

Anthropologically the success, achievements, and profundity of any culture are determined by its heritage reverberating throughout the time in the form of ethos and chutzpah bequeathed to posterity and that hallowed legacy must be treasured and cared in commemoration of that glorious past! History is a hoary witness to the traditional manner of passing this wisdom in the form of volumes of books, codices, and scrolls collated in places called bibliotheca for centuries in various cultures throughout the human evolution. With the sense of utmost pride, I would beg to state that the "Barton Library" which is towering above all the monuments of Bhavnagar city has served no lesser role in satisfying the intellectual and cultural thirst of students, amateurs, and experts alike in showering them with the wisdom of the old since its Inception almost before the 150 years! It is my earnest wish and a strong belief that it would continue to serve as the beacon of knowledge, hope, and wisdom for generations to come.

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